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Fragments from Floyd


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Maybe: the matter of keeping note card packages sealed (as per your vote a few weeks back) and still letting folks know what’s in each pack of five cards.

I am printing two sets of five thumbnails on a single photopaper card the size of the finished notecards. I’ll be able to display this “thumbnail sketch” of the two pack contents on the display rack or nearby on the counter. That’ll work for now.

In the long run, I’m looking at a dozen sets. We’ll worry about the logistics of that when the time comes.

Here’s the Note Cards page where you can click for the larger image that includes all ten cards in the first two sets: Floyd County Set #1 and Blue Ridge Parkway Set #.

I’ll be picking up the Parkway cards this afternoon, but it will be a week before I can send them out if you send requests by email (see sidebar email link). Order info is on the webpage.

UPDATE: Saturday, April 7 ~ I picked the Parkway cards up yesterday, and if you liked the first batch, these are even better! I am pleased. I expect them to go quickly. I think the next batch of cards will be five that come specifically from Slow Road Home, with the relevant quotes (for Ann’s Falls, Winter Walk, Home Economics, etc) on the back of the card. That combination would make a nice gift set, don’t you think? (And I’ll keep this post up top for a few days during which I’ll be posting lite.)

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