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Fragments from Floyd

Something To Do

Goose Creek Pest Control
Goose Creek Pest Control

A grown man sits under a tree for the better part of an hour. His purpose, his raison d’etre: to photograph dragonflies in flight. It’s harder than it sounds and about as joyous and wonderful a way to spend an hour as I can conjure. Or so it seemed when the sun finally broke free of a week of wall to wall rain.

And speaking of imagery: I’m still looking for a slide show program for two purposes. First, to set up as a running slide show preferrably with transitions and music tracks to run before/after various library and other presentations. Images would include a variety of color and black and whites from the new book and such.

Second use, for future programs I’d like to create and present that are more photography, less writing. Program topics could include such titles as The Natural History of Goose Creek, the Landscapes of Floyd County, Children in Nature, Natural Light and Composition for Digital Photographers, etc etc.

I’m running a very limited time trial of Fotomagico, impressive but the Pro version is more than $200. No way on my budget. iPhoto (which I have avoided) will take my CD of 130 images and do reasonable service at least for the running slide show purpose.

But I’m still looking, not quite satisfied. If you have recommendations, Mac users, I’m needing to decide by the weekend. Free is good.

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