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Fragments from Floyd

Soon to hold “What We Hold…”

Things are Mooo-ving at Goose Creek Press
Things are Mooo-ving at Goose Creek Press

The books ship THIS FRIDAY! And next Wednesday, I’ll open the first box, cut away the shrink wrap from the first bundle and open the book for the first time. Some of you can appreciate what that feels like–the combined relief and terror, the hope and disappointment. There will come in a rush that day the satisfying sense of a destination reached and of the uncertain, chartless territory yet to come. What I will hold in my hands for the first time will be What We Hold In Our Hands: a Slow Road Reader! But I will hush.

Below are a few reader reviews from the relative few who gave the draft a look. Find out more about the book, and our operators are standing by to fill your orders!


I find here an openness and sharing that is intensely touching and triggers so many correlations to my own life. I sense a lovely rhythm and balance throughout; the style is consistent, and each segment is pleasantly sprinkled with nuggets of the author’s life and experiences from a surprisingly personal perspective. God, I feel I know him and more than that—I like the man that wrote these words. He’s interesting and humble and cares a lot about a great many things, and tells these stories with all his heart. Bravo. Kay from Kentucky

The short chapters/observations retrain our eye. We see nature, we see ourselves in it. Each chapter removes a bit more of the grime of the machine world to reveal more of the world that I was able to see so clearly as a child. A world full of wonder. A place that I participated in. For by seeing the true world again, we not only “see” it but we can start to inhabit it again. We can return home. This is not a “How to Do” book but a “How to See and Be” book. Rob from Prince Edward Island

This moving collection of essays touched me deeply with Fred First’s well written themes that re-connect us all with the treasures of our natural world. He strongly emphasizes the fact that there is no greater gift we can give our children as well.” Gretchen from, Virginia

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