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Spring Has (re)Sprung

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With apologies to fretful orchard owners who saw many of their flowering trees go in the past few days from bloom to bust, it looks hopeful now that we will have a week or two of “seasonal” spring weather before the next GOTCHA freeze.

And so the wildflowers have gotten the message that the coast is clear. Mayapples are popping up everywhere; and toothwort and Hepatica.

And the Yellow Dogtooth Violet a.k.a Trout Lilies are as consistently large and vigorous as we’ve ever seen them up the valley this year.

This plant is a special challenge to photography as it is pendulous, somewhat asymmetrical and opens up the most when the light is bright and contrasty.

I think I used the LAMP ON feature of Camera + to help fill in some of the shadows in the flower petals on this shot.

2 thoughts on “Spring Has (re)Sprung”

  1. Good job on your photo! I have forgotten what Camera + is.
    Very few wildflowers in the Utah desert, where we are now.

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