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Stuck On You: Botanically Speaking


I had thought to put together a blog post on the Green Kingdom’s nefarious ways of spreading its seeds by way of animal fur. We have an exemplary observatory of that phenomenon in the neighbor’s woolly dog Feather that spends much time here with our dog Gandy.

But the morning has gotten away from me with Obligations that came first before blogging. Yes I know, that’s pathetic to let organizational minutes and press releases and other such trivia come before telling a few readers about some obscure personal discovery in the natural (or unnatural) world. But there you have it.

So I’ll just offer this shot of Burdock (genus Artcium) as the culmination, size-wise, of things we will be wresting out of Feather’s fur. It inspired Velcro for its tenacious hold. Quite an interesting (if obnoxious) wild weed–edible, deadly to small birds and useful for natural sculptures.

Regarding those three off-label uses see the third row down on this Google Images page for burdock. It will be worth the click.

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  1. If you were referring to that lovely sculpture, it was worth it. (More like 6 rows down on my machine.) Along ways down a lovely woman was posed, covered modestly with only 2 huge burdock leaves.

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