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Fragments from Floyd

Studies in Green ~ III

Flame Azalea, Rhododendron calendulaceum
Flame Azalea, Rhododendron calendulaceum

UPDATE 05-27-2009 1150AM Great visit and video session, guys here for more than 2 hours. The rain stopped, sky brightened just enough for even lighting. Don’t know when the segment will air (and have no idea of what the finished edits will include), but I’ll let you know a day or two ahead of time when I find out. Then, I’ll hope somebody can snag me a digital copy of the Channel 7 clip (only stays on the station web site for 4 days) so I can get it to YouTube and link from there.

Almost forgot I promised a green image a day this week. This one (and Friday’s) will vary somewhat from the color theme in pure terms.

Here, a sunlit Flame Azalea (a mountain Rhododendron) that is more small tree than the usual shrub. And that’ll do’er for this morning.

We have the Channel 7 Morning News crew headed this way to shoot a segment on my book “on location”–which I think is a wonderful idea, though it looks like the lighting is going to be really flat and gray. The rain may stop by then, we’ll see–not the morning of brilliant slanting sun I’d imagined when I suggested they come at 9 in the morning. Ah well.

Wife is home for this event. Doh! The house lacks only the paper seal on the toilet seats and mints on pillows. You’d think this visit was 95% location and 5% book and story. Of course if it had been up to me, they could have filmed Sanford and Son here, SHE would tell you.

More Flame Azalea at Google Images

4 thoughts on “Studies in Green ~ III”

  1. The flame azalea is one of my favorites! Thanks for sharing!

    Good luck with your segment. I wonder if I will be able to see it online?

  2. You are lucky Ann allowed it at all…Sherry would have made me rent a house for the meeting/interview.

    That has to bee the fullest flame azalea I’ve ever seen. Great shot

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