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Fragments from Floyd

Studies in Green ~ II

A kodak moment of cloud, color and light on a cool spring day
A kodak moment of cloud, color and light on a cool spring day

“I thought you didn’t like that house on the ridge” Ann questioned, surprised when I stopped suddenly on the way home from town last week.

“I have issues with unregulated ridge line development” I told her, “and I’d rather there was no house there, but there it is, a done deal.”

Grudgingly I added as I left the parked car with my camera:  “And the backdrop of dramatic sky and commanding placement like a castle on the ridge actually makes a better picture–with a focal point–than if there were no house there.”

Last weeks clouds were wonderful for several days running, the air clean and vistas razor sharp. Savor it. Soon the haze will settle in, edges will blur, leaves on trees lose the last vestiges of translucency they begin with in early spring. Pastures will go rank with multiflora rose. The torpor of summer will steep me full of lethargy and lassitude and the need to find the nearest ceiling fan. But…

The Roadside Bloomery will return! Stay tuned!

1 thought on “Studies in Green ~ II”

  1. I love the photo………..beautiful sky and clouds…yes, I should love a house on a ridge like this……what a view of sky and land………
    vistas razor sharp……..I like that…

    have a great week


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