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Summer Singing the Blues

Cardinal Flower's Blue Cousin: Great Lobelia

The blue of Great Lobelia, and especially coming late in summer as it does, puts me to mind of another early-autumn favorite from another place we called home: the gentians of the high mountain passes near Sylva, NC. There is a certain melancholy in both–the blues, you might say–in their lovely way of saying goodbye to yet another summer.

And for both, no camera–film or digital–quite does them justice. The color is such that, late in the afternoon, it emits a radiance that is more than mere color, and this is only apparent when viewed directly, without a middle-man photographer to show it to you. You have to BE there.

So if you live in the southern Appalachians, go out today, this afternoon, along the moist edges of a field or woods, and chances are, you’ll see the true blue of summer, past.

2 thoughts on “Summer Singing the Blues”

  1. I’ve never seen this flower and because it is closely related to Cardinal Flower (my personal wild flower favorite) its on my list. Nice to know when it erupts and where. Thanks.

  2. The spring peepers began singing here yesterday. Haven’t heard them since last May! I think they are singing for rain, we are in quite a dry spell.

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