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Summer Stock. Woodstock. Photo Stock

What do I know about image sales? Not nearly as much as I hope to after a few months growing a portfolio over at Lucky Oliver. What! You never heard of LO?

Swing over and take a look, including a visit to the blog where the “grand scheme” marketing plan unfolds. Or start from the Main Page, the Big Top of this carnival of imagery and community.

I’m pleased that I deal with people–folks like Jill yesterday who repeatedly looked at an image I was trying to submit unsuccessfully and guided me along through a string of immediate email replies until I got it right. I now have my first three images accepted, and hope for a few dozen more over the next few weeks.

The other thing I appreciate at Lucky Oliver is that the story of the image is given considerable emphasis. There’s more going on here than a simple repository of pix. It’s early yet, but I’m impressed with the feel of the place, and hope you’ll help spread the word. Heck, maybe toss your three in the ring and see if you win a Cupie Doll. Step right up! Roll up those shirt sleeves, and test your luck and skills, bucko!

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  1. They are in process, added tags, titles and descriptions this morning and those have to scrutinized before they become public. Not sure at all about the process yet as these are the first three. Also not expecting income here, especially early on as the site builds visibility for itself and the photogs who hang their stuff there.

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