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Sweet Green Icing: McAlfred Park

...and it took so long to bake it and...
...and it took so long to bake it and...

This time, nobody dropped the cake in the rain, so the occasional attempts to channel Richard Harris thankfully didn’t get very far last night as we celebrated Ann’s dad Alfred’s upcoming 95th birthday. Three years ago, same cake, same crowd, somebody dropped the birthday cake as we packed hurriedly to avoid a passing storm. What a waste of that pastel green marshmallow icing!

Saturday night, Alfred enjoyed the Sway Katz at Pine Tavern Pavilion and navigated the crowd quite well. Thanks to our friends for making him feel at home, stopping to chat with him even over the din of the music and buzz of the large crowd.

Thanks to our neighbors who shared the hot dogs and cake last night and brought Alfred a special gift–come back tomorrow for more about that!

3 thoughts on “Sweet Green Icing: McAlfred Park”

  1. Next to seeing my daughters smiling face when I arrived home, this photo and Alfred makes my day. Happy Birthday Alfred. Alfred, Your an Inspiration.


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