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Taking Them Where We Find Them

Thistles Against the Sunset
Thistles Against the Sunset

It would have been a shame to waste such a nice sunset, even if I couldn’t find a foreground other than this patch of ornery thistles at the edge of a roadside pasture.

I carried my camera  that trip even though I had no purpose than to be able to grab a snatch of nice lighting should I chance upon it.

Better to have it and not need it than to need it and not have it. So I tote it back and forth most times and just give my camera gear a ride untouched.

3 thoughts on “Taking Them Where We Find Them”

  1. Man, the photo is wonderful……………love that sunset, the thistles make it just right……….we are grateful that you tote your camera………


  2. I rather like the study of the starkly angular/prickly sillouette of the “ornery thistles” against the fiery orange sky. Something about the ‘fiery’ and the ‘prickly’ that suit each other. There’s an energy there that doesn’t sit still. Striking photo!
    I’ll be a “couple” miles or so north of you next week visiting offspring. Looking forward to checking out the VA landscape again.

  3. Forboding, but beautiful as it is captured with the energy of the sunlight. They are sort of like menacing guards to those who photograph at the roadside…
    (smiles) Again, thank you for bringing us the view from the lens….

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