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Fragments from Floyd

Thank God I’m a Country Girl

There's so much to do in the country, she said.

From: A Letter Home from the Family Farm

“…We took a long walk yesterday. We went a long way. Skipper went with us and he doesn’t need a leash. Grampa told me about him being a boy here when they didn’t have much. They planted corn with a mule and the big rocks they got out of the ground they made a wall with when he was little and they are still there under the leaves. He showed me. He said you moved some of the smaller rocks by yourself, so this is your wall too along the creek. Before I come home, I’m going to put more rocks on top.”

2 thoughts on “Thank God I’m a Country Girl”

  1. Fred — Truly a rock of ages. How sweet the letter is — and especially her putting the rocks on the family built wall. — barbara

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