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Fragments from Floyd

Thank-You’s from the Blue Ridge

Photographic Note Cards from Floyd County, Virginia, by Fred First

This time last year, the first set of photographic note cards came off the presses. In the early spring, a second set of five–from the Parkway–were popular in and about town. And last week, the third set–Blue Ridge Autumn–was delivered to Goose Creek!

For those who have already placed orders and sent checks, I’ll be putting those packages in the mail in the next day or two, and thank you very much.

For others, consider how nice it will be 1) to already have a few sets of cards to give as presents or to use as stocking-stuffers in less than 10 weeks; or 2) to be able to send a thank-you that conveys a bit of home to a flat-lander friend or family member who has fond memories of the southern mountains.

As you can read on the notecards website, cards can be purchased by PayPal (no button, just transfer funds) or by check. Once received, orders are filled in 48 hours.

Thank you, blog readers, neighbors and card-and-book customers, for your encouragement and enthusiasm. It’s wonderful having company along for this adventure “in words and pixels”.

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