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Fragments from Floyd

The Dog Ate My Blogpost

Low biorhythm warning: don’t stand too close to me. Might be catching.

I won’t indulge myself in self-pity or list the long string of things fallen apart. You know the kind of one-then-another calamities of which I speak where one thing broken leads directly to another spilled; one phone call dropped follows close on the heels to a long elaborate  email lost in space.

The final blow in this string of mini-disasters this morning is that the image I had intended to use for the “featured” picture to a post I will now not write does not format to the 670 x 330 pixel dimensions required to fit the space.

So this post won’t have a featured image, which blemishes the archives. And the Flickr picture I had intended to show, I can’t find on Flickr.

Plus, I like this one of Painted Trillium better. And it is among those images that might some day make it into a notecard set. Ya think?

So I’ll let you know when it’s safe to come within range, after the dark cloud of personal entropy has passed by. Stay OUT of its way!

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