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Fragments from Floyd

The Fragmented Empire

thumbstrip655You might have noticed that, after years of thematic stasis and no blog changes but the regular filler of words and images, we’ve rearranged the Fragments furniture in the past few weeks.

Fragments design has shifted to a new template. And as with most changes, there are some losses and some improvements.

The purpose for the anchor blog of Fragments will be to remain what it has always been, but to now be able to take longer posts, serialized topics and less warm and fuzzy topics to Life, the Universe et Cetera.

And now–you’re hearing about it for the first time today–to take images to a new repository at First Impressions Photography. (You can find a link to it in the header under image galleries.)

So please click over to that new subdomain. While there is not much up there yet, I do have four sets of photo-notecards on display.

My hope is to make them available for purchase in a way that is easy for customers and easy for me (to have cards printed and shipped on demand.)

So … a man and his toys: the Fragmented Empire…

Fragments from Floyd
Life, the Universe et Cetera

First Impressions Photography

3 thoughts on “The Fragmented Empire”

  1. I .love this new design Fred – so fresh and clean but with the key areas so visible – we’ll done Rob

  2. Thanks Rob, so far I’m satisfied with WordPress Twenty-fourteen template and few strategic plug-ins for Fragments and for Life, the Universe et Cetera. I am using another free template, Parabola, for the photo-galleries. We’ll see how it all fits in a few months of use.

    I may have bit off more than I could chew, but the other end of that is starvation for want of nutrients from the digital domain. Seems it’s inspirational feast or famine for me most of the time.

  3. I am hoping for a more steady diet of nutrients for you from the digital domain! I like the page just fine, except I could easily do without the ads intruding on all that beauty. If they don’t garner much income, I say dump ’em!!

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