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Fragments from Floyd

The Honesty of Insects

img_7042wheelbug800They are never duplicitous or deceitful. They are not envious of more powerful or attractive members of their group nor do they seek more creature comforts than is their hardwired destiny.

They may stink or sting, buzz and bump their wee-brained heads against the ceiling or windowpane and die to leave their moldy carcasses in the dark corners of our lives.

But they never run for office.

This particular specimen offered itself for portraiture at the edge of a Floyd Country Store window this week. It is commonly called a “wheel bug”–a true bug of the order Hemiptera. Yes, a cousin of our favorite stink bugs in Floyd County.

Look but don’t touch. They have piercing-sucking mouthparts and can inflict a painful bite. But they are WYSIWYG. And that is more than you can say about other creatures in the news.

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