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Fragments from Floyd

The Mac Minuet


Don powdered wig. Motion to chamber musicians to begin. Take one stop forward, one step back, bow and flourish. Cuss and spit.

So the disk drive tray opens. Finally. Adobe Creative Suite 3 is loaded. Finally. The moment of truth: download and install the Mac version of Nikon Raw plugin and prepare to achieve warp speed. Tilt.

It asks me to verify my qualified upgrade path. Fine. I got all that in place with a call directly to Adobe before I made my decision to order two weeks ago. They found my registration numbers and it was all cool, requiring only that I pony up the $400 for the upgrade.

But today online, my CS2 reg numbers are not recognized. Okay. I have a month to make it right. Way things are going, I hope that’s going to be long enough.

But I did manage to get a raw image downsampled to save-for-web routine blog size, though getting to the blogimage folder will take some streamlining. Baby steps.

Now at this point, on my PC any day last week, I’d simply have clicked on the upload to Flickr widget and have you a clickable larger image. But not today. Soon. Maybe.

3 thoughts on “The Mac Minuet”

  1. Fred have you/do they have a Picasa version for Mac? Google’s web albums and Picasa make pasting images into web pages pretty painless and quick. And as a side benefit, it reads Nikon raw files…

  2. Did you actually do the cross-platform upgrade stuff through Adobe, where you sign the form saying you will destroy your PC copy and order the upgrade through them, or just get the CS3 upgrade version from the same place as your computer? When I talked to them I had to do the former, and while it was technically it upgrade, I was sent a standard version of CS3 for the Mac, not an upgrade, and was not required to put in my old serial numbers during installation…

  3. I remember once reading, any change is a stress. Even the good ones.
    It takes time for it to become second nature and in the interim, we regret our choices and feel frustrated.
    I have a feeling you’ll like your Mac well soon.

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