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The Rose That Blooms Unseen

Foamflower, a member of the rock-loving Saxifrage family
Foamflower, a member of the rock-loving Saxifrage family

This, I told myself, was the spring I would really get serious about wildflower photography–maybe even end up with at least five keepers for another set of notecards.

I’ve been encouraged by a Fragments reader or two to “think small” for the notecard photo-subjects versus more landscapy kind of fare, and I don’t need much of a push to go that direction.

But between the abundant rain all spring and being out of town for the peak week of many wildflowers near home, I didn’t do what I had hoped to do.

Now, Flame Azalea and soon, Mountain Laurel and so many others will be blooming along the Parkway. I may get up an hour or so this week with my mom (visiting for the first time since Tsuga has been with us, and he will be 6 in June) who will be especially interested in seeing this stuff in bloom. I’ll carry my camera but won’t be able to be as slow and tedious as I would be if I were by myself.

So. This shot of foamflower from the Naturalist Rally may be about it. I have a few less well-lit images, too, and I’ll probably dribble them out over the next few days.

I still don’t seem to be able to get back in the blogging groove for the competition from other projects. Just remembered I have a deadline of a week from today and don’t want to be slogging away at that while we have a house full of company later this week. Better get my rear in gear.

BTW, click the image to go to a larger version at Flickr (rather than Smugmug which is my usual) since yesterday I had to pony up for another year of a Flickr Pro license. It has paid for itself as I’ve had folks find and purchase images a couple of times–once for a big law firm’s 9000 Christmas card mailing. They paid, well, like they had plenty of $$. Go figure.

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  1. Hi Fred – I clicked on the image, but I got a message from Flickr saying: “This page is private. Oops! You don’t have permission to view this page.”

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