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Fragments from Floyd

The World: At the Beginning

Housekeeping the catacombs of my desk, I found a reflection from early on. It speaks to my hopes for myself, for my readers, for our world.

Now, more than 15 years later, some hopes are realized, some will never be. If anything, the American masses seem even more untethered from their responsibilities and connections to “the environment” than they were when my writing life began in 2002.

And so this reflection, in hindsight, is a kind of dream unrealized, but not entirely so.

It is too long for a blog reader’s attention, so it is posted at

How Can I Keep From Singing

2 thoughts on “The World: At the Beginning”

  1. Thank you for your hospitality all of these years Fred. It is been a great gift you have offered to all of your readers. I for one have greatly appreciated it. I hope you feel your place belongs to you now as much as you belong to it. You surely must know it much better now than you did 16 years ago.

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