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Fragments from Floyd

There And Back Again

After some 1800 miles of car travel since last Wednesday, we are finally home again. I found it was just too much trouble to try to blog from the road with one hand and the iPad or the phone, so it’s been sort of quiet around here for couple days.

Visiting the family in Missouri was the purpose for our trip, and that was a success. Here’s a photo of the two grandsons, Henry and Oliver.

Henry celebrated his third birthday in September, which for those of you who have been following his story, is a major milestone and quite remarkable. He continues with multiple medical issues, but he presses on with good humor. His younger brother, Oliver, is four months old, a little charmer, and promises to be a handful.

NOTE: You will just have to pardon the odd capitalization and obvious misuse of words I didn’t say but Mountain lion dictation thought I did. My surgical dressing will be replaced with a fiberglass cast tomorrow, and using the fingers of my right hand to type will get even harder with the cast bumping the keys before the fingers get there. So I am stuck in dictation mode for another 6 to 8 weeks. Life goes on within us and without us.

I have some geographic blathering that I hope to post, but we will see how it goes.

5 thoughts on “There And Back Again”

  1. Go, Henry! Keep on defying the odds! And Oliver does indeed have the charmer’s look – great smile filled with personality! Sounds like quite a trip.

  2. What darlings they are! I’m spending a little quality time with my grandchildren in Oregon (ages 3 and 1) this week and enjoying every minute of it! A friend who lives in your neighborhood stopped in to see me on her recent visit to Pennsylvania and we enjoyed talking a bit about your books and blog!

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