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Fragments from Floyd

This is only a test

Banjo, guitar, fiddle and mandolin / Floyd County music / Southwest Virginia

Here’s a shot from the house concert–toward the end, when the hosts are up front playing a tune or two with the featured artists-friends they hosted for the evening.

I’ve been trying to share my ignorance with Mac there with the banjo. He and his wife and singing partner are wanting to get another album out and also to set up a simple web presence for their music appearances, CDs and such.

So here I’ve uploaded directly from Picasa –which I will recommend he download, as the price is right. We’ll set him up blog, and maybe a wiki through to refer to in his sidebar for pages about their albums, maybe some background on their music interests and backgrounds, and as a place to upload some music clips.

So this, dear folks, is just a test. You can see the back of Ann’s head there next the chair vacated by the photographer. There are far more people behind me than in front of me. The place was packed. And a nightmare for photography what with only the table lamp. This was shot at ISO of 3200 with the D200–grainy, but heck–we got the shot!

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  1. Phred:

    To reduce noise in high-iso digital photos, use Noise Ninja, a Photoshop plug-in that should be part of every shooter’s bag of tricks.


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