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Fragments from Floyd

Title Page in Place


I shouldn’t break focus to post this, but am so thrilled that Ron Campbell has graciously agreed to allow me to use his wonderful pen and ink drawing of our barn, the old structure that appears both on the cover and in interior shots as well. It is the icon of our lives on Goose Creek, and nothing captures it any better than Ron’s drawing.

I’m in strking distance of having What We Hold In Our Hands: a Slow Road Reader ready to send to the printer, less a few hopefully little glitches in the graphic layout area and getting the Table of Contents for 95 pieces in place and looking nice.

I’m so ready to birth this puppy and start getting it paper trained.

By the way–and I’ll likely be emailing some of you soon–if you are planning on offering a short review or comment about the book, I’ll need that soon. I’ve left the first page of the book blank, anticipating I’ll have something to put there!

5 thoughts on “Title Page in Place”

  1. I love the art !! Couldn’t have captured the spirit of the Blue Ridge much better . . .

    Can I be a reviewer ?

  2. Beautiful artwork – I’m glad it is all coming together! (Of course, as soon as I opened your blog, the word “puppy” jumped out at me, and I was all, “Fred’s getting a new puppy?!?” Guess not.)

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