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Fragments from Floyd

To Market, to Market…

Floyd Community Market from Village Green aspect

… to buy a fat hog. Home again, home again, jiggety jog. So goes the nursery rhyme in the kids books. We used to always quote this upon returning home, but we said “friggedy frog” and Ann and I repeat this to this day. Do you have fragments remaining from your children’s language, the books they read, words or phrases from oft-told family stories that persist into your present?

That is not what I intended to talk about at all, but it being a Sunday morning home alone for the weekend, the dog not objecting, and my fingers having a mind of their own, that’s what happened, so there! And having taken that twig from a diversion off the side road of a segue, I think it might be interesting if my kids are ever together with us in the same room again (sobering to think this might never happen) we should compile rapid-fire a list of words or phrases that nobody else in the world outside our family would understand.

Meanwhile back at the market…yesterday’s official opening of the Saturday morning Floyd Community Market event seemed to have a high level of activity, commerce and energy. There was a steady stream of known and visiting folk, and while I was intending to go to take pictures for various uses and needs, I spent far more time in conversation and eating ice-cream. Turned out to be a marvelous day, weather-wise, after the deluge of the evening before, and my guess is that the vendors had a good day–like those who came to see (and smell the coffee vapors from Red Rooster Roaster to the far right center of the image) and enjoy the community atmosphere.

The Artisan’s Market on Friday afternoon and the Farmer’s Market on Saturday morning will be a regular summer and fall feature, so come share! Bookmark the SustainFloyd web site for related creative and agricultural activities in and around Floyd. If you’re a blogger or organization web site owner, consider adding SustainFloyd to your blog roll.

Okay. I’ve got one. “I don’t want no more of that sourcrap.” And which First Child was it that as a three-yr-old confused the name of okra and called it VELCRO?

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2 thoughts on “To Market, to Market…”

  1. I really miss the days when my children were young and we read stories, nursery rhymes, and fables. Thank goodness for memories, and I thank you for jogging these thoughts.

  2. I enjoyed this entry about family expressions very much, and sure wish I could remember some on demand to contribute here. Unfortunately, all I remember right off is our family toilet words, and somehow I just don’t want to put those out in public.

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