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Fragments from Floyd

Today, With Power

Into the Forest, Dark and Deep
Into the Forest, Dark and Deep

Yesterday, no power: the morning storm wiped our electricity so all the things I needed to do then I will have to do this morning. Especially I need to run through the digital images interlaced with book excerpts that I’ll read for whatever audience assembles this afternoon at Warm Hearth Retirement Community Karr Activity Center for this little presentation.

Today’s program will be a first run using the ViewSonic projector, and a bit like rubbing your belly while patting your head–somewhat awkward in its choreography as I’ve not found an elegant way yet to control both the images to pause then continue and the levels for the music in the background to drop when I speak and come back up while images move from one to the next with the “Ken Burns” transitions.

From Warm Hearth, I’ll go meet Ann at the Jacksonville Center Art Show and Silent Auction. I’ll be toting the camera, snapping some shots for City Magazine whilst noshing crumpets, admiring the creations of known and unfamiliar Floydian artists and trying not to spill a plastic wine glass of merlot down the front of my shirt (the voice of experience.)

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  1. What a great shot, Fred! I’ve been told that double-trunked trees are the result of prior logging. At least, sometimes ….

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