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Fragments from Floyd

Traffic Count

I have no more idea why traffic is so low on this blog on Fridays anymore than I have an idea why, in most cities I have ever lived in or near, traffic is so much worse on Fridays.

Traffic, now that the new home construction down the road is coming to a close, is not so much on our gravel road. As a matter fact, there are times in the summer when flowers grow in the middle of the road. That’s rural!

The autumn leaves that fall on our single lane road become compressed by passing tires against the underlying mud (do you see any gravel here?) The resulting two-dimensional composition resembles a cave painting, or a fossilized compressed ancient artwork of pressed plant parts. (Image taken with iPhone app, Hipstamatic.)

Can iPhone photography contribute to real art or real journalism? See what Doug Thompson has to say about this question.

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