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Fragments from Floyd

Train Through C’ville

I suppose it was a seasonal outdoor market event rather than an every-weekend thing–especially this late in the year with the risk of a Saturday too cold for market-browsers. This one was not too cold. And there must have been 100 or more vendors in downtown Charlottesville adjacent to the pedestrian village.

We discovered too that the city is on the Amtrak Route, that starts, I believe in Lynchburg and runs up into DC and the northeast. We heard the whistle and went to investigate.

This image with the iPhone used an app called Slow Shutter at 1 second (so the train is a blur of course.) I did some other tweaking, obviously, including replacing a featureless white sky with a drawn atmosphere using the iPad app, Procreate.

I just got an iPad 4 yesterday–the end result of a decision I made for Goose Creek Press to purchase a device that will be supported and capable for my needs where the iPad One will soon cease being so.  I use the iPad to carry reading notes to presentations. It is backlit from a dark podium. I don’t drop pages on the floor or get them shuffled out of order. It has turned out to be right handy for that. And for the draw-paint stuff, for meeting notes, music, reading from Pocket-saved articles and more.

And now, I have a new camera: in the iPad. We’ll see if I ever find an occasion to use it. I can’t imagine such, since I’ll tend to have more ergonomically-suited cameras within reach.

And by the way, I will be selling the old iPad (16GB wireless/data black w case and 1 more yr warranty) for $200. Anyone?

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