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Fragments from Floyd

Visiting the Neighbors


Made another visit to Grayson yesterday under threat of freezing rain, and we didn’t entirely get what we went after, but so it goes.

Getting out of the car at the home we were visiting, I was struck by the radiant light from the two tractors waiting patiently in the monochrome barn. They seemed almost alive, animated cartoon machinery granting a splash of otherworldly color on the grayest of early winter days. (Click image to enlarge.)

A light, cold rain was falling. But it wasn’t freezing. And if nothing else, I’d come home with one digital memory of the day. I wiped the drops off my lens and went inside the warm farmhouse to join the conversation.

4 thoughts on “Visiting the Neighbors”

  1. Ditto the above comment! It makes me smile and want to know more about it. And then, I wonder…would I want to park my shiny, red tractor in there…lest I need to dig it out from all that grayness on the ground one day? Even so, I like old barns. And your photo is a gem.

  2. I burst out laughing when the old barn and tractors came into view afteer reading the title: Visiting the Neighbors. That barn is in the worst shape of any usable barn I’ve seen! Next, I was reminded of the wrecker truck in the animated film “Cars,” which also made me smile.

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