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Fragments from Floyd

Walk in the Woods

Showy Orchis: Overhead View

The much-anticipated Mount Rogers naturalist rally was aborted for some disappointed Floyd Countians this year due to storm damage in the campground, but a small group of us had breakfast together, followed by a pleasant outing on Saturday morning.

We saw more plants in leaf then in flower, one of the latter being the striking showy orchis, pictured here.

While I have ample views of this species in the photographic archives, this is, I believe, the first time I have ever photographed it looking down on the plant.

This perspective shows the growth pattern and flower arrangement for the species, which goes a long way to explaining why it is so difficult to get a decent picture of it, with all flowers simultaneously in focus.

The other thing this view shows well is the large, almost tropical, leaves, which will persist after these pastel-colored flowers disappear.

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