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Fragments from Floyd

We’re Bugged


But with these chilly nights, not for much longer. This morning the mums are covered with dew. A few lethargic insects who waited too long after dinner to find suitable lodging are still right where they were when darkness fell, temperatures dropped and their cold-blooded machinery ground to a halt.

Won’t be long, the buzz will go silent and the shrill wind of winter–and the creeks until they freeze over and go silent too–will be our only nature-sounds.

So, since it’s been far too long since the last insect pictures (if you leave out the gnat flight pattern pix from last week) here’s a nice colorful display of nature’s palette, though I wouldn’t have chosen coral, but the emerald and saffron of bee and flower work well together, don’t you think?

We take’em as we find’em.

4 thoughts on “We’re Bugged”

  1. Lovely, Fred, Spencer and I have been watching the bees and wasps move slowly through the goldenrod and Michaelmas daisies as the day warms uo. They are becoming slower and slower, and it will not be long until they are not there at all.

  2. It surprised me, yesterday, to hear a mosquito buzzing about my head as I fought the purple wintercreeper in our woods. Had thought that we were past that. I like the colors in your beautiful photo!

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