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Fragments from Floyd

Where Trees Have Faces

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Next time granddaughter Abby comes to visit, there will be a surprise waiting for her on a new trail recently created through the Enchanted Woods. It is a trail made solely (well not solely) so that we can pass by this ancient cedar that Ann discovered on a steep hillside we never visited.

She became so fond of this tree she gave it a name (Isabella–why, you’d have to ask her; and she would likely say “it just looked like an Isabella). And she gave it (‘scuse me, HER) a face.

So we’ll pass on, Isabella’s face will persist. And centuries hence, an entire folk explanation will spring up for the discovery of a woodlands race that worshipped trees on a steep hillside overlooking what one man long ago called Nameless Creek. What must they have been like, they’ll wonder.

4 thoughts on “Where Trees Have Faces”

  1. I think they’ll know you had a good sense of humor…..LOL

    That reminds me of the tree-people in the Lord of the Rings movies.

  2. we drove by a house that had these faces on a couple of trees, and my son believes they are ents. so when we buy a house, i told my husband that i’m going to buy these faces adn find an old tree to put them on, so he will have his own ents….

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