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Fragments from Floyd

Which is YES!

"for this amazing day...which is YES!"

The note cards order is done; waiting now for proofs, edits, and final details. I should have a full inventory of 50 to 75 of each item available for April and May events.

The “Altamons Trees” image is the second of three 6 x 8″ cards I’ll be getting. Hope you like it. Click image to enlarge.

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4 thoughts on “Which is YES!”

  1. Nice, Fred. I’m curious; the poem uses the words blue and green, but you chose to pair the poem with a black and white photo. I guess I’m just real partial to color photography. I admit that your shot looks extremely good and artistic in black and white.

  2. Glad you asked. Maybe a poetic leap, but our sky can actually be blue, and the trees green, and we are oblivious to the YES of it.

    Take a monochrome day; learn to stop long enough to see the greenly spirits and the blue dream of sky in your mind and in your heart–even when the sun doesn’t shine.

    There was NO green and NO blue in this original early morning shot in early March, as a matter of fact.

  3. Like it? I think it’s great. The shot is wonderful, and to quote e.e. cummings……….. sets it just right.

    Can’t wait to see the full inventory.


  4. The higher power in the trees and the swirling spirits are so apparent in the photograph it almost goes without saying God. But the God part is good, for me and for most of my friends at least.

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