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Wildflowers: Spring has Sprung

So we’re at the tail end of the spring wildflower blooming, even at the higher elevations. This particular image was taken on the flanks of Dolly Sods at about 4000 feet.

This particular flower is NOT toothwort as I’d labeled it while hastily shooting this beautiful stand of it while my bored non-photographer non-botanically-crazed traveling companion waited in the car.

This I know by the common name “turkey mustard” (Cardamine diphylla) and remember eating its leaves on a ham sandwich once, with good results.

This flower bloomed two weeks earlier at our elevation (2100 feet) so it was nice to see things I’d missed here, still going strong up top.

Go to Flickr for the larger version of the image.

2 thoughts on “Wildflowers: Spring has Sprung”

  1. Spring came so early in California this year, that when we took the same itinerary at the same time as last year, we saw virtullay no spring flowers. last year they were at their peak, the whole way up the western Sierras.

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