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Fragments from Floyd

Winter Huffs and Puffs. The House Still Stands.

Sudden snow-devils caused whiteout on Goose Creek ~ click to enlarge

Calm and 17 degrees this morning beats Saturday’s 2 degrees and 30 mph winds that sent sudden squalls of snow east, west or south. Our valley was a great mixing bowl, an eddy in the great current of polar air that settled over southwest Virginia for the weekend.

Less than a minute after I snapped this shot with frozen fingers on my way back from replacing the chickens’ bowl of ice with a bowl of tap water, another gust sent stinging crystals of ice in a white out so I couldn’t see the house for a minute.

I carried in an armload of wood and stayed inside the rest of the day. The chickens found their barn stall out of the wind. We hunkered down. And we’re about to do the same again today, another 3-5″ followed by sleet and ice.

Even so, it’s a tamer winter snow-wise than last year. We’re not yet at mid-winter, so anything can happen. Something will.

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2 thoughts on “Winter Huffs and Puffs. The House Still Stands.”

  1. Fred,

    The wind kept me inside something–cabin and car–most of the day yesterday. This morning, I ventured out with Dog and Baby Dog but their walks were shortened ones. It’s official, I think. I don’t do wind well.

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