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Fragments from Floyd

Winter Storm of ’09

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So the day ended better than it started and Subaru saved it from being a lost day. Ann made it home despite the road conditions, barely able to avoid snowplowing the powder ahead of her once she left the primary roads some 13 miles from home. I get my chance to enjoy it later this morning to see if I can get to work via the luge run that is our road.

So we got out and frolicked a bit, though most places it was so deep that snow shoes would have been nice.

I carried my camera–I can’t remember when I’ve done that–and will have pix each day for a week now, so stay tuned. Several of them will be of the dog enjoying the snow–and those tiny creatures who think they’re hidden and safe under a foot of it!

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    You got that right. Man, if that ain’t a beautiful point, There ain’t no such thing!!

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