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Fragments from Floyd

Winter Wander

Ice angel in a lacy gown with crystal aura

When the weather gives you lemons, you make snow cream.

We actually didn’t even suggest adding sugar and vanilla extract and milk to a tupperware bowl of snow when the girls were here. Lord knows, we didn’t need more calories.

But what we did make of the “foul weather” was a number of outings with Abby along the frozen creek. She was fascinated with the snow-covered ice, and made a point to test it by jumping at the edges until it crashed through (only a few inches) to the creek below. Once, it was deeper than her rubber boots. She had to be forced to come to the house to empty her boots and put on dry socks.

She went right back out, and we left her alone to explore the creek near the barn. Growing at the edges, she found this “ice angel” (or Christmas tree, we couldn’t decide) and brought it to the house for her “dumpa” to take a picture of.

I was gratified by her eye for art, and give Abby credit for this one!

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  1. That is a beautiful find Abby made. And asking for it to be photographed. Very cool. I like this girl. She shares her grandpa’s interests, and that’s the best kind of grandkid.

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