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Fragments from Floyd

Wood If I Could

I’m in too large a hurry to post the blog size image. Go here to see where I’m headed in a few minutes–to pick up a final load of dry wood to see us through the rest of the heating season.

And I’d better hurry, because soon it will be too WARM to cut firewood. We’re looking towards a high of 70 today.

This image is a Sunday afternoon walk along Nameless Creek (see remnants of the old rock wall along the creek) with some friends, including their two grandchildren. We climbed up to Ann’s Falls and enjoyed a brisk March day, all bundled in our coats and scarves–which frankly, I will NOT miss one bit!

UPDATE: the truck battery died, so scratch that plan (and call upon a neighbor to jump me off later today or tomorrow. Meanwhile the 1996 Dodge Dakota sits prominently over in the pasture with it’s status-building deer-dented door showing prominently. Folks will think I’m bragging. So instead of filling the back of the truck with firewood, I starting making a home for the 16 asparagus plants I bought Ann for her birthday, and have no hope the Ground Ivy and Dandelions won’t come back with a vengeance unless I mulch the heck out the 15 x 3″ strip on the south side of the garden shed.



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