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Yard Art: Yucca

Generally obnoxious, yucca has its brief moment of beauty

For the most part and most of the year, yucca is something we want to go away. Even the deer can’t keep it eaten back.

But come June, the blooms can be spectacular for a week or so. Here is a yucca glamour shot, from over near the barn, early on a mid-June morning. Lovely, don’t you think?

3 thoughts on “Yard Art: Yucca”

  1. This would make a beautiful note card. Give the yucca credit,none of us look too good after we’ve been around a long time!

  2. Out here in the Southwest, we are happy to have yuccas, because they are one of the few showy flowers to be enjoyed in the desert. Lovely photo. I will try to find my favorite photo I took of a yucca this spring, in Capitol Reef National Park in southern Utah. It’s a beauty if I do say so myself.

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