Yes, You ARE the Center of the Universe

Diameter of observable universe is 93b light years
Diameter of observable universe is 93b light years

But don’t let it go to your head. So is everybody else. Really.

But it’s a big place, and getting bigger. “The” Universe is wider across, in fact, than twice distance light has traveled since the Big Bang.

I’d seen those figures of the distance to the “edge of the universe” and did a brain tilt. How can that be? The math didn’t make sense. (But this is cosmology, after all.)

See for yourself. But remember, this is only dealing with the “observable” universe. Ours may be one of an infinity of universes–multiverses. I’m not making this up!

Click the image above for the video while I continue to fail to make a simple youtube url display properly on the blog page. Keeps an old dog humble, as this it not particularly a NEW trick.

Here are a few other posts on the topic, more or less, from Fragments Outer Space Department. I tend to find myself thinking about the Bigger Picture every year, during the shortest days that herald a new year!

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  1. Try calculating the volume if that sphere and then compare it to the volume of anything a single person knows a lot about. Makes a serious case for homo-humility.

  2. Exactly why this kind of fact-consideration comes along just now. Putting the notion of the human “here” and “now” into cosmic scale should make us humble even as it makes us marvel that our pink pudding of a brain could be a part of that universe–living matter capable of knowing itself. Fancy that!