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Fragments from Floyd



Because my fourth grade teacher was,  I was, and so then my daughter, and now my six year old granddaughter: we are hooked on phonics.

The text and artwork in this image are explained by Taryn’s mom:

“This is from Taryn to Abby and her friend Karmen for shutting her out of Abby’s room. After receiving this lamentation, Abby was so impressed with Taryn’s spelling that she gave her a high five and painted her fingernails. Ah, sisters!”

That Taryn’s response to sister abuse took this form of creative expression I think speaks well for her coping skills. Not that she didn’t shout and stomp and cry before she became self-analytical and graphic.

But in the end, she thought it out, drew it out, spoke out her hurt in an attempt to help her adversaries appreciate the injury they created by excluding her. (Note the two smiley faces on one side of the door, and the smaller-figure frowny face on the other.)

And I imagine they laughed when she showed this to them. But she scored points.

But I also bet Bigger Sister will think twice, maybe, before acting cruelly to her phonetically-gifted baby sis. This, especially since I can imagine this peace-making artwork stuck via magnet to the fridge in their home for a long, long time.

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