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Fragments from Floyd

An Appreciation

If I’m remembering right, I found Tom Montag in a browser search for “sense of place”. Early in my wanderings in the summer of 2002, I’d come across that term, new to me then, and the hair on my arms stood up. Yes! There is something in this term that represents where I must dig … Read more

Sunday Jots

Thunderstorms in November! We were over at a neighbors for a pot luck gathering. I would have loved to have had a camera when the first lightning flashed, and everybody in the room lifted off the floor simultaneously in surprise. We were among the first to leave, and already the sloping pasture had claimed on … Read more

And Upon This Rock

Here’s an image collected on the drive down to Mt. Airy last week. This is the Bluemont Rock Church, one of several built during the period between the world wars in Floyd and adjacent counties by Bob Childress and his congregations. You can read a brief account of the Childress history and legacy in the … Read more

Placing Ourselves

Birmingham: Red Mountain and the VulcanWytheville: Sand Mountain and the towersSylva: Plott Balsam Mountain’s ice covered summitMorganton: Table Rock, Grandfather MountainFloyd: Buffalo Mountain Everywhere I’ve lived (all in or very near the southern Appalachians) there has been some feature of skyline that has oriented me to where I was in the world, some high and … Read more


Please allow me to whine. I am had by the tender parts, and the camera accessory folks are squeezing for all they’re worth. Which is a lot. To use my telephoto lens with my tripod, I need a mounting bracket. It must be made of a semi-precious metal at $150 for this 6 ounce piece … Read more