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Fragments from Floyd

You and the Bird

Please note (and do go by to visit) the Carnival of Birds (I and the Bird #36) has posted just today over at Words and Pictures. You’ll be glad you stopped by. Betcha.

Doing The Hard Thing

I told you a few weeks ago that we knew what must be done. It has taken this long to steel myself to do it. CJ the Cat (from CJ Harris Hospital where I worked) showed up as a very small lost kitten at the Emergency Room door in January, 1990. I put her in … Read more

Barn Redux

Thanks, Andy, for providing a caption for this image. All I expected was to put up the picture, but was pleased to find your perceptive words in a Flickr comment for this one this morning. Some photos have a “being there” quality about them; maybe its something familiar about the scene which stikes a chord, … Read more

A Mountaintop Experience

I can’t even imagine, but we should all try to, and sometimes I do. I am standing on the front porch in the early morning with my coffee. The sun is just painting enough light behind the ridgetops to make rise and fall of their silhouette into the rim of this chalice-valley that holds our … Read more

From Downtown Mayberry RFD

Yesterday, I took a pleasant solo drive from Goose Creek over to the Blue Ridge Parkway. Now that the leaf-peepers have no leaves to peep, I had the long, high road to myself for 35 miles, all the way to Fancy Gap. And for the first time in thirty years, I wound down the mountain … Read more