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All a-Twitter

Okay, I’m seeing why I might want to go back and reconsider Twitter. I can envision several populations of “friends” I might want to become or stay connected to:

  • A group of people who share my environmental/sustainability interests.
  • A group of folks who will find my next book topic of interest (the nature gap for adults and especially children) and be able to offer suggestions and links and maybe some early edits or previews.
  • My graphic design collaborator(s) for Book Two
  • Blog Readers to FFF who could find “tweets” on the blog as updates rather than entire posts.

I have a few resources (EduBLogs, EduCause pdf) I’m looking at as Twitter Primers. I’m open for being educated here. And if you know of groups to join or Firefox Plugins related to Twitter, please let me know.

Old dog struggling hopefully to learn new tricks.

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  1. Fred–I use the firefox extensions, ‘twitbin’ and ‘twitterbar.’ Both are very easy to use. I also use Netvibes as my homepage, with the twitter module there too. Enjoy!

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