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Fragments from Floyd

Sunday Brunch

Do come by and say Hello (and as much as I hate how pathetic it makes one sound to ask) please LIKE FREDFIRSTGOOSECREEKPRESS, my new gangly page at Facebook.

And if you do, you can access an exclusive Goose Creek Press audio clip–morning sounds from the back porch. Other than the blue jays (and the creek, of course) what other birds do you hear calling?

Go to the Facebook page for Goose Creek Press and do come back often. I anticipate short, frequent entries there particularly about and from my writing and that of others, and generally hope to recover the conversation that has been missing from the blog now for some while.

GEEKS ONLY: If anybody out there has experience using the page customization apps (in this case, my problems crop up with “Static html iframes- Tab” app) do give me a shout.

I need to get past these initial hurdles and road blocks before I get too frustrated and disgusted. My issue is that I’m admin on my sites AND for SustainFloyd. When using above app to change the text and icon on the new “WRITING” tab, it only sees me as SF admin. Will I need to remove myself from SF admin to access customization for my personal biz site? I have a distress call into tech support at the apps developers’ page.

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