James Inhofe: The Greatest Hoax

I’m reminded of the well-known cartoon showing the primordial ooze evolving ever upward. It becomes a salamander that becomes an ape that becomes a caveman who becomes a modern man in the age of science. As of the last election, we can now take humanity’s first step back down the ladder of disorder as the sapient man of science devolves […]

Battlelines Shift, the War Goes On

I learned from a local reporter that there would be big news for Floyd yesterday afternoon. My hope was to hear that the Mountain Valley pipeline had been cancelled. Instead the news was that the pipeline would be routed north of our county. I did not immediately do a happy dance. My first impulse was caution. Could this even […]

From the Top of the Energy Watershed: Gasland 2

The first SustainFloyd movie of the Fall season will be Gasland 2, showing at the Floyd Country Store on Sunday, September 28. The Floyd community recently watched together the premier showing of the Floyd County water documentary, To The Last Drop. The timing was a nice fit with our concerns about the water consequences of […]