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Fragments from Floyd

Just to Have a Friend

Early on, Gandy had a friend, Jessie–a 130 pound Golden Retriever–who came down for play dates every week or so. But she did something about a year ago that has made Jessie not willing to even get out of the Jeep when his owner comes down for a visit. There was the neighbor’s dog, Feather–a … Read more

What Goes Around

I would have been inclined at such junctures in blogging years past to put up a “randoms” assorted bag of things I’ve been reading, researching or thinking about. Meh. I already have that kind of stuff stored where I can get to it when the time comes, and links are generally not clicked with this … Read more

Gone to the Dog. And When She Says GO

Now wait a minute. Those of you who once snarked that Fragments had become “all Gandy all the time” have no paws to stand on. It’s been a while. And over the intervening years since Tsuga passed three years ago December 5, my dog lover-readers have wandered off to Facebook anyway. Meanwhile, Gandy of Goose … Read more

Floyd County Air Space a Busy Place

Bing images unrestricted license

So we have the usual fall pot-spotter-copters. And we have the new Mountain-Valley not-yet-a-reality pipeline right of way we’re-gonna-take-your-land copters. And we have once again the scary-as-heck AEP powerline-clearing blades of death I first wrote about in 2002. This isn’t much of a video, but it’s the best you can get with no warning, and in … Read more