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Fragments from Floyd

Can’t Get There from Here

Well, you can, but it ain’t easy. No straight shot, that’s for sure. You might have heard of the crooked road. Here ’tis. I once counted the blind curves between the house and the hardtop east and west of us, as we live in betwixt two real roads. Buckle up. Hang on. I seen’em do … Read more

Fountain of Youth

Want to live forever? Don’t drink from a water fountain in the waiting room of your doctor’s office.  What were they thinking putting a contagion-collection contraption in the midst of so many microbes, free for sharing? [su_vimeo url=”″] So I was not-patiently doing what patients do in those special holding cells that are the first and … Read more

Earth and Sky

vimeo iphone 5s "time lapse"

[su_vimeo url=”″] The first month is free, so in thinking I have “forced” myself to shoot more video, I’ve got an out. But I hope I find the Vimeo Plus account for $60 a year worth the expense to my little biz. I’m thinking that it would be neat to embed short videos in my … Read more

Visual Aides: Near and Far

Bluebells Not Ringing Yet We’ve looked, but there is no sign yet of the Virginia Bluebells we transplanted 15 years ago. They remind us of Walnut Knob where we dug them up–my first Floyd County home out on the Parkway in 1997. And they are a symbol of spring. We have not arrived, so this … Read more

Streaming the Ordinary: Small Pond Video

Just to indict myself and vindicate the folks at Vimeo, and since the link was not interesting enough to click, pig-in-a-poke, I put up the little garden clip I couldn’t get to work yesterday,. I’d not tweaked a permission in settings to allow embedding. Vimeo is much more customizable than YouTube. This is both a strength … Read more