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Fragments from Floyd

Falling Waters: Nameless Creek Gorge

Summer’s not the best time to get a feel for any piece of these mountains. So much is hidden behind a wall of green. Even so, I carried the camcorder with me on our walk a bit farther up Nameless Creek gorge than we usually go, and brought back several short clips of some of … Read more

Baby Henry Update

We are on the move, so not much time for writing before getting on the road again. I’ve had questions from those who remember the events around our grandson, Henry’s birth in September two years ago. How is baby Henry, they want to know, because the story just sort of stopped. There were constraints against … Read more

Snowed In ~ But One Escaped

It promises to be a beautiful snow, briefly, after the sun rises and before temps do the same and the winds pick up. We got something like 8″ of powdery snow after expecting WET, and there is a big difference. The broom did a good job clearing the Subaru this morning at 4:30. A wet … Read more

Peaks and Troughs: Alpha-Beta Canine Relations

I apologize to those who have heard enough about our trials and tribulations, our thrills of victory, or the more-common agonies of defeat in the attempt to rear this not-a-labrador-retriever puppy into a beast we want to have with us for the duration of her life. Wednesday was a new low. She’s behaved worse, but not … Read more

Eight Pounds of Pounce

Posts promise to be fewer and shorter than usual. We are under siege. The source is a bipolar pup, half barracuda, half Miss Congeniality, a chimera of canine good and evil. The snickersnack of the jaws: how to divert over and over into acceptable directions and towards acceptable approved objects: that is the challenge. Today will … Read more