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Fragments from Floyd

Extirpated, Eradicated, Extinct

We were walking down our pasture loop yesterday, and for some reason, I remembered when we first walked this path in 1999, we often saw flying squirrels that would drive the dog-of-the-day crazy. Not any more. It’s been years since we saw the last one. And ruffed grouse: We’d hear their low-frequency drumming in the … Read more

Global Syn-WHAT?

The phrase “global syndemic” immediately drew my sustained attention when it first appeared as a result of an initiative and study produced by the science journal Lancet in January of this year. tldr: Scroll down to the 3 minute video explanation. Most folks know PANdemic as an outbreak of illness that brings about large-scale loss … Read more

Sustainable Prosperity

There are many who don’t hear the music; and many of the more powerful who hear it, and don’t want to get to the end of the dance. It is a new rhythm and meter called the Next Economy. And it is stepping on a lot of toes. No wonder that it seems discordant and … Read more