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Fragments from Floyd


I’m sure you are familiar with murmurations of flocking birds. I am too. But I cannot look away. At times, up to a million birds move as one. I don’t understand the physics or the biology. But obviously, the starlings do.

Dodd Creek Trail: Getting There

Over the next couple of weeks, I’ll post short entries from the observations, images and thoughts that have come from two back-to-back early September visits to a local walking trail called “the Dodd Creek Trail.” In a few weeks, you can walk the trail with me and Jane Cundiff by way of a video narrative, … Read more

Simple Pleasures

We had 3 widely-spaced friends (read that as you will) over for a porch visit yesterday evening to become reacquainted as the good friends we had been before covid. And what we rediscovered was how interesting ORDINARY used to be, full of simple pleasures. As we sat and chatted, a deer approached within 30 feet … Read more

On Seeing Things

When is the last time you stretched out on your back under a sky full of clouds? Your mind literally cannot help but make sense of the seemingly random balloonings or smears or pulled threads of clouds. It is what minds do—create order from patterns that our eye and mind can’t help but look for. … Read more

New Ground

We walked through our tiny patch of forest (compared to Goose Creek) in the rain–of course, in the Monsoon of June–on our third full day at what I used to refer to as The Other Place. It is now This Place. We startled twin fawns out of the understory near the spring head. They flushed … Read more