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Fragments from Floyd

Gramps Gets Night Cramps

I not uncommonly fall asleep on the love seat in the front room at bedtime, especially if the wood stove is glowing and radiating sleepiness into the darkness. As usual, last night I woke up after an hour or so, and proceeded to head off to bed, after undressing. I was down to my Carhartt … Read more

Diaspora: The Next Place

 In the spring of 2019, we acknowledged that the time had come to relocate us from the wild to the tame. Or at least tamer–closer to town, less mowing and weed whacking and firewood toting and… That we would reach such a Draconian view of What Comes Next is testimony to the common conclusion between … Read more


And SomeWhen. Finding the pot of gold means a bit of good luck. And keeping your eyes open. And having a camera in your pocket 24/7. And stopping in the rain to step out of your car in the middle of a county road to save the moment. I once reflected on the place of … Read more

Reprise: Of Memories and Hopes and Golden Dreams

Once upon a time, there was a strange farmer of Erehwon. He gathered his curiosities, his precious things–momentary objects that held his attention and delight–and hoped others might wander down his lonesome road and share his fascination with the ordinary. They came at random, sometimes rather sizable crowds of them, and a few exclaimed and … Read more

Facing Downstream

One of the things I hope to reflect on in this would-be third book (that I sometimes think about and less often actually add material to) is the topic of aging, from a personal point of view of course. I took this image yesterday of Ann at the crossing, following the waters of Nameless Creek as it … Read more